He protects your bones

He protects your bones, Leads your breath And Bathes your soul With gilead’s balm   When your heart is awash with sorrow And life’s daily pain wrecks you He protects your bones Leads your breath And bathes your soul With gilead’s balm   Trouble in the world confuse you. Anger and disappointments clothe you He…

This life

​08 /10/  16 I want to live another day To be away from this known life To roam and roam free The waters of Venice to see And the Sands of Rome to dance To fall asleep on a lazy night To wake in the Arms of a lover To dance in the lights of…

The people from your house

Pain. Crosses. Whatever. They rather I die In the cold. By myself Than receive warmth. In your house. Never been worthy. Their lofty love I could never attain. Yet you have loved me Unconditionally. So I stay put Where I have been pushed Dying daily , Dejected and tired I’ll walk with you But I’ll…

But God

Today He showed himself Strong and mighty Akoni eleru the one that was the one that is   Today I saw his favor Standing tall on behalf Of you Fighting the battle Winning the war     Today Jesus came through For you Just like yesterday And tomorrow And a million years to come.


  People flourish When there are people like them Determined to excel People who like them, Urging them to greatness People flourish When there are people that do not like them Daring them to excel Bleeding them to be better People flourish When  they like who they are At peace Willing to excel Despite failures

Don’t stay

The ones you make you  Drop yourself  and choose them Every. Single. Time Son! Don’t stay  Around People who don’t let you Just be The always right ones Never letting your breath breathe The ones that hold your opinions  Lower than the ground They walk on Don’t stay son. Don’t stay 

For H.

Dark depths of depression  Pulls me deeper than I know Tonight I am alone Standing in the crowd Why treat a fragile heart  To the unbearable pain  Of expectancy delayed If you don’t have Good intentions Let me be Let my breath be My heart is tired

I am here

My heart breaks I cannot simply Open my arms and draw you close Make you feel the warmth Of another heart Feeling your pain I do not claim to understand And therefore belittle your pain But my eyes swell with thoughts of you What you must feel At this hour This minute I am holding…

Tell me your dreams

Pray tell Tell me your dreams  Share what makes us same Share your dreams  Your fears and pills too Pain. Tell it In the corners of your heart. Dragons slayed And fire spitting red heads lounging still Share them. They will remain But we will hold hands Facing them Giants in your minds Beat it!….


I don’t know my way Yet.  It’s a big black world I am light. You  You Are too We’ll find our paths. When we keep the fire burning

At Calvary

Calvary welcomes all Lies as dark as night Pain as deep as the ocean Damaged goods  Destroyed destinies Living dead  Hopeful Ghosts Calvary washes all Past Present Future Calvary beckons.